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Eye Texture Pack v1

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♡︎ Eye Texture made for Savi Head ♡︎

﹥Standard Edition:

Compatibility with Savi Head

2 Styles

40+ colors each style

• Glitter mask, emission mask and hue mask included

Bonus: Demon eyes

﹥Special edition:

• Contains all Standard Edition textures+

• 3 Styles of Heterochromia

• 25+ colors each style[Heterochromia]


• Compatibility with Cici's type 3

• Compatibility with sakura head

Compatibility with Amelia head

• Asset also on Gumroad: [Link]

⊱ Please note ⊰

♡︎ Rules:


• Credit me ying.vr and also include the link to the product.

• Allowed: personal, commercial and public avatars.

• Any or all free distribution is prohibited.

• Not Allowed: free avatars, Discord nitro, free on Discord.

• Not Allowed include this texture in tattoos/edits package(Includes paid/free distribution).

• Not Allowed remove my watermark, remove this texture from a different model, claim or re-sale this texture as your own work.

• Old Discord: Ying#6669/Yang#6669

• All my paid textures cannot be distributed or uploaded in a state that others can download for free, use only for FINISHED PAID AVATARS, this also applies to paid textures that you received as a gift.

By purchasing or using any YingYangVR store product you agree to my rules, If the rules are broken, you will be subject to the DMCA


♡ About:

• More product photos at the bottom of the page.

﹥Please note

• This package only contains TEXTURES to use in Savi Head.

• You can use it on other heads but credits are still required and the rules also apply equally.

• modifications to the UV Map or Head can make the texture different.

﹥Special edition: 

• Compatibility with Cici's type 3 and sakura head

• The Heterochromia styles are also available for the extra compatibility versions.

• All extra compatibility is now available for download.

• This texture was hand drawn and made by me, so there might be some differences between each texture/color.

﹥In use (not included in the package):

• Savi Head and ZinFit Base

• Ame Short(Hair)

• Face Texture

• Product also available on Gumroad: [Link]