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Skin Texture Pack - Torinyan Base

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♡︎ [Large] Skin Texture Pack - Torinyan base ♡︎

• Texture made for Torinyan base

• Style A No ABS - 19 textures/colors(Each Style)ᅠ

• Style B Low ABS - 19 textures/colors(Each Style)ᅠᅠ

• Style C ABS - 19 textures/colors(Each Style)ᅠ

• Textures 4k

• Normal map detailed

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

• Bundle Skin/Texture: Contains all styles(A, B and C)ᅠ

• Asset also on Gumroad: [Link]

⊱ Please note ⊰

♡︎ Rules: Term A

✅ Credit me ying.vr and also include the link to store.

Allowed on Personal, Sale and Public(pedestal) avatars.

Allowed: You have permission to edit, but resale is prohibited.

Not Allowed: Free, Free in server and Nitro avatars; any or all free distribution is prohibited.

Not Allowed: include this asset in tattoos/edits package(Includes paid/free distribution).

Not Allowed: claim, redistribute or resell this asset.::

♡ About:

• More product photos at the bottom of the page.

To use the Bonus/PNG you will need a software to paste the images(Photoshop, Gimp etc)

Most textures are drawn and made by hand, so there may be some differences between them(mainly in colors).

♡ This texture was made 100% by me using Clip Studio, Procreate and Substance Painter, I made it with love and hope you like it.

This package only contains TEXTURES to use in Torinyan Base

Toribase NOT INCLUDED: とりにゃん#1295 [Gumroad]

• Product also available to buy on Gumroad: [Link]